Witham Twinning Association
Twinned with Waldbröl in Germany since 1986

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is meant by Twinning?

Basically, it is where two communities in different countries establish a link which enables the citizens of both communities to get to know each other. The aim is to let people discover what life is like in the twin town and how the people live, work and play. The building of individual friendships and shared experiences plays a vital part in better overall international relations. We hope in particular to encourage the younger people of both towns to visit, link and exchange regularly.

How does it work?

Annual visits are arranged between both towns, normally by coach, with accommodation being provided by host families in their homes. Most such trips involve members of the Twinning Associations of both towns and these exchanges have created many close friendships between familites in Witham and Waldbröl, each regulary hosting the other.

However, the Twinning Association is also pleased to assist other groups in the towns who may wish to visit or otherwise link with each other. There have been sporting, professional and recreational tie-ups in the past. The Association is delighted to create a link for any Witham group, be it a social or sporting club, a group of hobbyists or a youth organisation. For every organised activity in Witham, there is almost certainly an equivalent in the Waldbröl area. Any Witham organisation can be affiliated to the Twinning Association via a group membership, in order to make contact with their German opposite number.  The Twinning Association have  assisted the  Rickstones academy for example to create a link with a Gesamtschule in Germany.

Who can join the Twinning Association?

Almost certainly anyone reading this website. Anyone living in, or within reach of the Witham area, is actively encouraged to join. They are also invited to attend open meetings and social events. Our current age range is 10 to 75+.

Do not feel that you are obliged to participate in visits to Waldbröl or host anyone when they visit us. Many members are happy to be part of the Association and maybe support our fund-raising and social events.

You do not have to speak German either, not many of our members do!

What happens on a Twinning Visit?

The length of the visit is usually five days and four nights, with two of the days used to travel. There would be one day free so that guests and hosts can spend the day together. This day would be followed by a social evening, usually in the form of buffet or BBQ with entertainment to which all members are invited, together with the guests and their hosts. This event would be organised and funded by the Twinning Association.

The guests will spend the remaining two days on organised trips, visiting places or attractions in the host country. These trips are varied and change each year, but enjoyed by all.

If you would like to visit Waldbröl, then the cost would be about £130 for adults (less for children). This would include the travel, two full day trips and the social evening. Accommodation is provided by host families.