Witham Twinning Association
Twinned with Waldbröl in Germany since 1986

Joining the Witham Twinning Association

Current annual membership is £15 per family and £7.50 for individuals. The membership for groups or associations is £20 per year.  Membership fees are payable in April each year.

Membership will also bring you regular news updates giving details of future visits to and from Germany. These will also contain information about open evenings and social events, to which everyone is welcome.

The association organises regular visits to Waldbröl. These are open to all members and is a wonderful way to visit another European country. We are hosted by the people of Waldbröl, whose hospitality is legendary.

For further details about joining the Association, please contact the Phil Ransome – Telephone:07894 792746.

Alternatively please complete the form below. The appropriate fee can either be paid by cash or cheque payable to ‘Witham Twinning Association’ or by completing a bank mandate.

Membership Form

Fill in the form below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible if necessary.